Corporate / Dinner & Dance

Your evening is a special occasion for your company / team and we will make sure your guests will have a nice evening.

We can provide music through your meal softly in the background and for any rewards or speeches we also have a cordless microphone for you to use anytime.

If you are having a presentation or giving rewards out and we can provide music as they are collecting there reward as tracks like Tina Turner with simply the best, Queen with We are the champions etc.

The music for the evening is also important for your guests, so if you have part or a full playlist you would like us to play then just let us know and we promise to play your tracks through the evening.

We have been providing entertainment for 30 years and have provided the disco's for David & Victoria Beckham, Vinnie Jones and worked and such venues as The Ritz, Hilton Hotel, Radison Hotel, Watford Footbal Club, Colchester Footbal Club and many many...

We will be smartly dressed for your occasion as no one wants a scruffy Dj and all our equiptment is the latest led lights, lasers & sound equiptment and all pat tested for health & safety.



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