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For all Pubs & Social Clubs receive up to £130 off every booking for a Disco and if you want more entertainment then why not book our Entertainment night with

Play your cards right, Tenable, The Chase, Tv Themes Quiz,


& ending with a Disco...


All this in one evening

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Welcome to the chase and hear the voice of Bradley Walsh.

This works by everyone having a ticket and if there number gets called up they come up and do round 1 & 2, the highest 2 players go through to play the full game and the winner is the one who wins the most money and must beat the chaser but if they do not beat the chaser then the runner up wins the game and the prize.

Just like Bruce's Play your Cards Right.

We start a couple of games for fun with men vs women and then the more serious fun starts as the guests have a ticket and if there number gets called, then they come up and try to clear all 5 cards by going higher and lower. We try to get as many games as times allow through the evening.

Retirement and residential homes we find this is perfect for them as not too difficult for the residents and we reguarly go round the homes entertaining with Play Your Cards Right in the afternoons which lasts about an hour to hour and half and the cost for this is just £45 plus prizes.

The ITV Tenable Game with the voice of Warwick Davis

This is a great game to play and this is played by everyone having a ticket and if there number is called up then they come up and choose a categorie from Sport, General, Music and TV & Film. The question comes up on screen and there are choices to choose the answers from. If a player gets 2 wrong answers then there terrible at Tenable and out the game. Once a player reaches £1000 then they can carry on or stay where they are. The winner is the one with the most money on the first round.

The TV Theme quiz is the start of the evening and breaks the ice as you know the tune but the answer is on the tip of your tongue and all you have to do is shout out the answer and the winning table with the most wins gets the prize.



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