Your wedding day is a event you never want to forget and it is our job to make sure the evening will be a great one to remember.

When you book a wedding disco a lot of Dj's put there prices up which we feel is unfair, with us what ever the occasion Wedding, 18th, 21st, 40th the price is always the same as we have a set price.

We provide music from the 1950's up to most recent and to make sure your happy with the music you can provide part or full playlist with as many tracks as you desire and we will play them through out the evening.

Why not add Karaoke to your wedding as when the drinks start pouring is when people want to sing out.

So we don't disturb your day we can even set up the equipment in the morning at no extra cost to you.

Also why not have some background music playing through out the day.

We also provide a cordless microphone for your speeches so no dangerous wires across the floor.

On your first dance why not have a some bubbles out there as the effect is fantastic and makes it that all more romantic.

We have been providing entertainment at wedding receptions for 30 years and have provided the disco's for David & Victoria Beckham, Vinnie Jones and worked and such venues as The Ritz, Hilton Hotel, Radison Hotel, Watford Footbal Club, Colchester Football Club and many many more...

We will be smartly dresed for your wedding as no one wants a scruffy Dj and all our equiptment is the latest led lights, lasers & sound equiptment and all pat tested for health & safety.

We can also provide entertainment for the first hour for the children with kids songs and few games if you feel this would be good for the children so there not running around and they love the bubbles.



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